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Company History

Three Generations

Anton Ehrle


Anton Ehrle (1894 – 1961)

Anton Ehrle was born in Voggenreute, Germany in 1894. He learned the blacksmith‘s craft and passed his examination for master craftsman‘s diploma in 1927. He thus laid the foundation stone for the still continuing interest of the EHRLE sons in metalworking.


Oskar Ehrle


Oskar Ehrle (1922 – 2011)

Oskar Ehrle was born in Bad Schussenried, Germany in 1922. After elementary school he completed an apprenticeship as a hand molder from 1936 to 1939. During World War II he was drafted as a pilot of rescue airplanes. In 1945, he was taken prisoner by the Russians and transferred to Werche-Tura in Siberia.

Marked by hunger and illness he returned to his hometown by the end of 1947. After recovery from his imprisonment, Oskar Ehrle attended Engineering School in Constance, Germany from 1950 to 1953 and graduated as a „Mechanical Engineer“. 

As early as in 1959 he developed and designed one of the first steam jets for WAP - the DR 600.

In 1961 he founded the company EHRLE in Illertissen, Germany.


Reiner Ehrle


Reiner Ehrle (*1959)

In 1959 Reiner Ehrle was born in Illertissen, Germany. After elementary school he completed secondary school in 1975 and was awarded the secondary education certificate. After passing his A Levels in 1977, he started his one-year traineeship in the USA before attending the Technical College in Ulm, Germany from 1979 to 1983 where he received his diploma for mechanical engineering.  

During his subsequent studies in business economics in Pforzheim, Germany his was able to deepen his knowledge in economics. In 1984 he entered his parents' company in Illertissen, Germany. Owing to his comprehensive knowledge in mechanical and industrial engineering he succeeded in gradually expanding his parental company from a small business  to a medium sized company with subsidiaries in other European countries. 

Today, the entire EHRLE Group employs a workforce of more than 200 employees.


As Time Goes By

  • 1959

    The First Steam Jet


    Oskar Ehrle develops and designs the first steam jet DR 600 on behalf of "WAP - Guido Oberdorfer".


    1959 WAP Dampfstrahler DR 600
  • 1961

    The cornerstone is laid

    1961 Bau Fabrikhalle Illertissen


     The company EHRLE is founded by Oskar Ehrle. Therefore, a manufacturing plant is built in Illertissen.


  • 1966

    Fully Automated Cheese Cutter


    EHRLE constructs a fully automated cheese cutter with salt spray chamber on behalf of Werner & Pfleiderer company (Stuttgart).


    1966 Käseabschneider Werner und Pfleiderer
  • 1970

    Jet 750

    1970 EHRLE Dampfstrahler Jet 750


    The serial production of the EHRLE Steam Cleaner Jet 750 begins. This product is equipped with a single-piston pump, designed by Oskar Ehrle.


  • 1971

    Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner


    Due to the evolution of high pressure pumps the first cold water high pressure cleaners are manufactured in series.


    1971 Kaltwasser Hochdruckreiniger
  • 1972

    First Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

    1972 EHRLE HDW 750 Hochdruckreiniger


    First hot water high pressure cleaner EHRLE HDW 750 goes into production. With this tool the transition from steam jets to the nowadays popular hot water high pressure cleaners is initiated.


  • 1973

    First General Distributor


    The first general importer is established in Switzerland. The new high pressure cleaners are used in many industries and enjoy a good reputation.


    1973 EHRLE Generalvertretung Schweiz
  • 1974

    Swimming Pool Heater

    1974 Iller Thermal Badewasser Heißgerät


    A bathwater heater for swimming pools with horizontal heat exchanger, „Iller Thermal“ is built.


  • 1975

    Model Change


    Further development and model change of the hot water high pressure cleaners.

    Several special accessories with combinated high pressure and steam nozzles are launched on the market.


    1975 Cleanboy Heißwasser Hochdruckreiniger
  • 1978


    1978 Cleanboy Heißwasser Hochdruckreiniger


    Facelift for the hot water high pressure cleaners. The drawbar is replaced by a swivel caster with push bar. The model range is extended by powerful devices with a high water performance up to 1.800 l/h.


  • 1979

    First Self-Service CarWash


    Development and design of the first self-service CarWash (Outdoor Rack) with water-softener and warm water heating boiler plant as a precursor of today's self-service CarWashes. With this invention the success of EHRLE's CarWash production was founded.


    1979 SB-Autowaschanlage
  • 1982

    EHRLE Turns Red

    1982 Cleanboy Heißwasser Hochdruckreiniger


    A new corporate identity is launched. In this context, the company gets his new corporate color, the EHRLE red.


  • 1984

    Consumer Cold Water High Pressure Pump


    Manufacturing and distribution of the first consumer cold water high pressure cleaner. This pressure washer is sold successfully both domestically and abroad.


    1984 Consumer Kaltwasser Hochdruckreiniger
  • 1985

    CNC Controlled Machine Tools

    1985 Heißwasser Hochdruckreiniger


    Model change for hot water high pressure cleaners. For the first time CNC controlled machine tools are used for serial production.


  • 1998

    CarWash Installations Complete


    EHRLE is now positioned as a full-service provider of EHRLE of complete CarWash equipment such as precast concrete plates and steel constructions for the wash bays.


    1998 CarWash Anlage komplett
  • 1999

    Transparent Tanks and Plastic Covers

    1999 Etronic Hochdruckreiniger


    Model change for the hot water high pressure cleaners. Use of transparent tanks and a plastic cover for the first time.

    The devices are now produced on a semi-automatic production line.


  • 2000

    Cold Water Cleaners, Stationary


    The first cold water high pressure cleaner as compact machine is developed.

    Due to the great success of the stationary cold water high pressure cleaner, EHRLE starts to develop and manufacture an new hot water high pressure cleaner for special use in the industry.

    The customers area and the fields of application expand permanently.


    2000 HS1040 stationär
  • 2001

    Triplex-Plunger Pumps

    2001 KD1040 Kaltwasser Hochdruckreiniger


    Model change in the cold water high pressure cleaners. Modern triplex plunger pumps with a pressure range up to 200 bar and plastic reinforced machine coverings are established in the production.


  • 2002



    Development and design of engine driven hot water high pressure cleaners. With this the high pressure cleaner is no longer current-dependent and can be used anywhere.


    2002 HDB1540 Verbrennungsmotor
  • 2003

    EHRLE International

    2003 Mehrplatzanlage


    In order to the international breakthrough of the CarWash Outdoor Series, EHRLE offers now multi bay carwash installations with up to 12 wash bays,where all technic equipment is installedin a ready to use precast concrete technic-container.


  • 2004

    New Design for the Consumer Tools


    Model change and a new design for the consumer cold water high pressure cleaners.


    2004 KD Consumer
  • 2005

    ETRONIC I & Design Pro

    2005 DesignPRO


    Introduction of the ETRONIC I control. All functions are now electronically monitored and evaluated.

    Model upgrading of stationary hot water high pressure cleaner. The stationary high pressure cleaners are also available with complete stainless steel housings.

    EHRLE develops the "DesignPro" Steel Structure for self-service carwashes. The design has been protected by law in throughout Europe. This ultra-modern steel construction is a trademark of EHRLE from now on.


  • 2006

    Self-Service Vacuum Cleaners


    Production of self-service vacuum cleaners in stainless steel or powder coated corrosion proofed cabinet. The special feature is the overhead suction hose system for a easy handling for the customers. The suction hose doesn't get dirty due to the fact that it never touches the ground.


    2006 SB-Sauger
  • 2007

    JetWash & JetWash Plus

    2007 JetWash PLUS


    In order to complete the manufacturing program of the self-service CarWash units for smaller business EHRLE introduces the series JetWash and JetWash Plus. This equipment is especially designed for gas-stations and car repair-shops. 


  • 2008

    ETRONIC, Second Edition / Sweepers


    Model upgrading of mobile hot water high pressure cleaners. New ETRONIC II control offers additional control and maintenance advantages. All machines are electronically monitored and evaluated.

    Start of distribution of sweepers for commercial use. These sweepers are offered in different sizes up to professional ride-on sweepers. Customers can choose between electric or gasoline driven versions.


    2008 HD Etronic II
  • 2009

    KD 4x4 & SmartWash

    2009 KD 4x4


    Production start of the SmartWash and SmartWash Plus modules. These single bay self-service stations offer a professional and cost effective solution and is specially designed for gas stations with already existing wash bays.


  • 2010



    Distribution start of the RollOver portal wash system EHRPORT. These fully automatic rollover CarWash machines are supplementing the self-service CarWashes. The customer now can choose between a touchless manual, or a fully automatic brush cleaning of his vehicle.


    2010 EHRPORT Portalwaschanlagen
  • 2011

    Wash and Care Center

    2011 SB Wasch- und Plege Center


    The first complete wash and care-center becomes reality. The EHRLE Design Pro Steel Structure combines self-service car wash bays with automatic rollover centers.


  • 2013

    KD 2 x 2


    With the cold water high pressure cleaner KD 2 x 2  a new, more compact two wheeled version of the KD 4 x 4 enters the market.


    2013 KD 2x2